Cash Management

When it comes to cash flow, two key words are "streamline" and "maximize".  That's where we come in.

Put our innovative products to work for you

With so much going on in your company from 9 to 5 and beyond, every efficiency can improve your bottom line and free up valuable time. A customized Cash Management plan from Robertson Banking Company will address all of your needs.
Please note, you must be enrolled in Cash Management Online Banking to take advantage of these services.
  • Assign different levels of access and authority to multiple users
  • Initiate and send wire transfers
  • Set up payroll as a direct deposit for employees
  • Draft clients' bank accounts payments or membership fees
  • Make loan payments and draw on your line of credit
  • Access Real-time account information
  • View and print images of cleared checks
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Download account information to Quicken® or QuickBooks®

We're here to make the work day a little easier for you, as we have done for so many Alabama business owners. Please contact us to discuss how our Cash Management services can improve your business.