Company Profile

Our Story

Robertson Banking Company, the oldest and largest Bank in Marengo County, moved into its new home in June, 1975. One month later it was awarded the distinguished service award from the Alabama Historical Commission and in 1991 it was placed on the National Registry of Historical Places.

The Bank, founded in 1870 by Daniel F. Prout and Major John R. Robertson as a private bank, operated under the name of Prout and Robertson, Bankers.  After their deaths in 1903, a corporation was formed, Robertson Banking Company, and for over 140 years the Robertson Banking Company has been synonymous with safety and service.  Innovative changes necessary for today's banking plus its growth factor caused Robertson Banking Company to look for larger quarters in the 1970s.  The Mayer Brothers building, constructed in 1897, was chosen for the Company's new home.  An adaptive-restoration program resulted in the building we have today.

The Mayer Brothers building is a landmark in this area of Alabama and is both architecturally and culturally significant.  From 1887 to 1959 it housed one of the leading and largest general mercantile establishments in west central Alabama.  It seems fitting and significant that this building continues to be used by another, Robertson Banking Company, which has been a part of the business and cultural development of Demopolis for over 100 years.  We are proud of the history of the Robertson Banking Company and its restored home, and pleased that it has become one of the show places of Alabama.


Our Mission

  1. To earn the respect, confidence, and loyalty of OUR CUSTOMERS by serving them so well that they want to continue banking with us and that they encourage others to use our Bank. We would like to make our customers "feel at home" in the Bank. A friendly and pleasant attitude is essential and required to accomplish this purpose.
  2. To provide OUR EMPLOYEES with the highest degree of opportunity and challenge for individual achievement and to maintain a courteous working environment both between employees and between employees and customers.
  3. To satisfy OUR STOCKHOLDERS
  4. Not to malign OUR COMPETITORS and to gain their respect by ethical practices in our own business.
  5. To be good citizens of OUR COMMUNITY by observing the highest moral and ethical standards in the conduct of our business and by actively supporting the American system of freedom and opportunity.



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