Meet Our Customers

As an attorney, Josh Hartman stays pretty busy with his law practice at Hartman, Springfield, & Walker, LLP. By his own admission, Josh is so intently focused on serving his clients that he may not always remember exactly what he had for breakfast a few hours earlier. But he is pretty adept at real estate ventures and tends to know a good investment when he sees one.

“I’m an attorney by day, and I invest in real estate projects and holdings. My bread and butter is the practice of law, but I also have a pretty healthy side habit of investing in real estate,” Josh explained. Because of the fact that my law practice is somewhat focused on real estate transactions and the representation of lenders, opportunities just seem to find me. When they make sense, I try to participate in them.”

With such a robust schedule in both of his professional ventures, the last thing Josh needs is wasted time and effort when it comes to procuring funds. Fortunately, Robertson Banking Company makes certain to make the loan process as easy as possible on customers like Josh.

“I try to practice law from a practical standpoint and look for the same thing in a banking relationship,” Josh said. “It’s a personal banking relationship. Robertson, in addition to putting forth the effort to get to know their customer, is a small bank. Their credit committee can seemingly meet on demand, and that allows them to make decisions quickly. You don’t feel like you’re getting beat to death for more and more documentation, in a piecemeal fashion. They’re conservative and they underwrite their loans, but not so excessively that business can’t get done.”

Josh found his way over to Robertson Banking Company when Whit Bird, city president of the Birmingham market, joined the company. The fit for RBC and Whit made perfect sense given that Whit made a point of taking time to understand his customers while working to meet their needs efficiently and effectively.

“Whit took the time to understand me and my business. It made it an easy choice when I had the need to borrow money to go back to Whit to look at the next deal or the next loan. He stays in touch and stays abreast of what is going on. It’s a personal banking relationship that benefits from knowing who you are dealing with on both sides of the transaction, thus eliminating having to start over from scratch at each request,” Josh said.

In his dealings with Robertson Banking Company, Josh has found all the features attendant to a big bank, with all of the ease of service typically expected from credit unions. “I used to do a lot of banking with credit unions for that very reason. Credit unions were more flexible, and from a business person’s perspective, it doesn’t seem like they put you through a bunch of unnecessary hurdles. They get what they need and make a decision efficiently,” Josh said.

With Robertson, Josh has found that same ease of service and personal attention that does not come from larger banks. That allows him to best keep up with with his bread and butter and still have time for breakfast.


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