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Paul Rollins, Sr. learned all about providing good customer service as a teenager while working for a mortuary in his hometown of Greensboro, Alabama. He took what he learned to Tuscaloosa in 1968 when he and his late wife Shirley Ann opened Rollins Mortuary, and has operated by that philosophy ever since.

So when Mr. Rollins recently looked for a new bank to meet his business needs, he wanted and expected the same kind of friendly, caring service. He chose Robertson Banking Company, and has no regrets. “I’ve always wanted to deal with local banks,” said Rollins. “Being from a small town, I like the idea of having one person you can go to. I knew of Robertson Banking Company, with me being from Greensboro and the bank being just down the road in Demopolis, and when Robertson Banking Company opened up here in Tuscaloosa, I remembered the name.”

Rollins initially sought a consolidation loan for his business, and contacted Robertson Banking Company. “Mr. John Lollar and I met and talked and I quickly realized they could meet our needs,” he said. Still, it’s the personal attention that keeps the relationship strong. “The bank I was dealing with before, you eventually had to talk to somebody in Georgia or New York or wherever,” Rollins continued. “But with Robertson Bank, I don’t have to go any further. I haven’t ever had anybody that does what they say they’ll do like Robertson Bank. If Mr. Lollar tells me the paperwork or the funds will be available at a certain date and time, it’s there.”

Rollins says trust is a critical element in his profession, and that same kind of trust is what makes for such a strong relationship with Robertson Banking Company. It’s a relationship he believes will continue for a long time.



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