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Crowne Pointe Investments, a Tuscaloosa-based real estate investment company, will celebrate its fifth anniversary in September.

According to Jung Ja Chwe, a partner in the company, her passion for real estate coupled with Robertson Banking Company’s passion for personal customer service has proved to play a vital role in Crowne Pointe’s quick success.

"RBC has played a major role in the management of our business," said Chwe.

Crowne Pointe Investments owns and operates the 64-unit Crowne Pointe Apartments, as well as 64 other units throughout the area.

When asked what makes Crowne Pointe unique, Chwe said it’s simple: "Location, location, location."

Crowne Pointe is a 15-minute drive from Mercedes Benz in Vance, and a two-minute drive from Chwe’s own home.

"It has been very easy to work with RBC," said Chwe. "My frequent visits to Robertson Banking Company have been so pleasant because of the wonderful president, vice presidents, and all others. They are all kind, warm, courteous and professional."

Chwe said she is sure that Robertson Banking Company has been an instrumental part of her business’s success.

"There are no doubts that RBC is contributing to our goal to achieve our small but precious American Dream. For that, we thank you. For that, we want to give back," said Chwe.

"I believe RBC is one of the finest institutions and a pride of the State of Alabama."



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