Meet Our Customers


Stacy Pearson spent 18 years building a reputation for high quality food and service at Faunsdale Café. After spending some time kicking around the idea of opening a Demopolis eatery, the Stacy’s Café owner-operator had little hesitation when it came time to get a little capital to launch her next venture.

“They’ve been a family bank for years: home, cars, that type thing,” Pearson said of her long-standing relationship with Robertson Banking Company.

That made it easy when she set out to open Stacy’s Café on the first floor of The Demopolis Inn. By her own admission, Pearson is still old school. She appreciates having online banking, but she prefers writing checks. She understands the complexity of banking but prefers to avoid all of the rigmarole that can needlessly complicate the life of small business owners.

“They’re one of the only banks still in the area that is locally-owned and still caters to you,” Pearson said of Robertson, which offers modern banking with classic service. “It makes it so easy. You just call them up. That’s the only bank you can do that with.”

Pearson opened Stacy’s Café Sept. 26, 2016, displaying the same commitment to quality that has long made her a success. She and Robertson Banking Company have that same commitment in common.


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