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After four years of running Demopolis dining staple The Farmhouse, Montgomery Smith had no doubt that he wanted to get back into the restaurant business. Smith had to do little surveying of the city’s palate to know exactly what he sought to accomplish when he launched a new establishment.

“Just good home cooking, a family atmosphere and just to know you’re going to get quality,” Smith said. “We put everything into it. It’s just good home cooking. We try to make as much as we can from scratch.”

Good. Home. Family. Quality. The four adjectives Smith used to describe the ambience and cuisine of his next location were exactly the four ingredients he knew he needed in order to make the restaurant a reality.

With the location of a new restaurant selected, a menu in mind, and a name conceived, Smith needed funding and he needed the process to be as easy as possible. So he called Allen Bishop at Robertson Banking Company. Good. Home. Family. Quality.

“They set me up with a program to fund me where I could do it. Pretty much, it was hands free. It was painless. Allen did everything. All I did was sign papers and get to work. I just needed capital. That’s what they did and we went from there.”  Smith said of the role Robertson played in helping him to get his new restaurant, Canecutters, off the ground.

Since its inception in February 2016, Canecutters has made an indelible mark on the landscape of Demopolis dining, capturing the downhome authenticity of The Farmhouse with a unique vibe all its own. Since launching, Smith has not yet had any need for additional assistance but he knows exactly where to find support should the situation ever arise.

“That’s not to say that in the future I won’t need further funding to either expand or open another location somewhere else, but Allen is just a phone call away. He is always available to help and that’s big,” Smith said. 


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