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Making cakes started out as something Andi Turberville did for her children. Once she realized that her artistic ability coupled with her willingness to try new things added up to her being pretty good at the practice, the endeavor grew to include baking cakes for friends. That is where a dream was ignited for Turberville, who quickly began to realize that she wanted to own and operate a bakery in her hometown of Demopolis, Alabama.

A teacher at the time, Turberville dabbled in her newfound passion as she transitioned to the Family and Consumer Science position at Demopolis High School where she helped transition the curriculum into a culinary program. And just when she began to think that she had her feet settled after 12 years of teaching, an opportunity arose for Turberville to pursue her dream.

“I had been studying this all along on my own because I knew one day I wanted to do this, even if it was after I retired. I studied about this and learned and got little notes from people who owned bakeries all along the way,” Turberville, who now owns and operates The Canebakery in Demopolis, said. “Being a teacher for 12 years, the biggest challenge was learning a new environment, learning the public.”

With the help of her family, Turberville had a location squared away. Getting set up for the financial aspects of launching a new business meant reaching out to someone with the know-how and the willingness to help out. For Turberville, the only call she needed was to Robertson Banking Company.

“They’re my bank to begin with. They’re my people. So as soon as we got the building and decided we were going to try a business, they were the first people I went to get my account” Turberville said. “They’ve been wonderful. I just call. I know them all, so they’re hometown people and friendly. I tell them what I need and they get it handled.

Still, as much as she had prepared for her new challenge, there were still nuances that proved daunting. High on that list for Turberville was the question of an electronic payment system for debit card purchases.

“I had no idea about how any of that happened. I didn’t know that you could buy a system that all came together. I was trying to figure out where to get the computer part, where to get the cash drawer and everything,” Turberville said before indicating that a conversation with one her trusted Robertson Banking Company confidants answered all of her questions. “Lee Pritchett said, ‘I’ve got a solution. They sat down with me for 30 minutes and showed me the options and within a week  I had my system set up. They made it so easy.”


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