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Business Manager

Every business wants to improve their cash flow and avoid the hassles of handling their own billing.

The Business Manager programs allow you to do just that. With Business Manager, the bank buys your account 
receivables up front and assumes your billing functions. On new invoices, you receive immediate cash for charge 
sales, less a bank service fee and reserve for delinquent accounts. Let us do the work, so you can get back to 
doing business.


Experiencing growth

Convert frozen assets into cash to support growth

Missing prompt payment discounts from suppliers

Lower the cost of goods and increase profit margins

Needs predictable cash flow

Ease uncertainty about daily cash fluctuations

Operates inefficiently

Use electronic commerce and minimize tasks

Wants to offer competitive extended payment terms

Offer a variety of flexible terms to customers

Has collectible, but slow paying receivables

Sell to large corporations and government entities that typically pay slowly

Averse to debt

Manage cash rather than debt

Spends too much time on money matters

Get back to business and opportunities

Constrained by cash flow and borrowing limit

Gain additional funds with greater risk control


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